Our Firm

We are a full-service New Jersey divorce mediation firm specializing in financial solutions. Our philosophy is that peaceful mediation is the best way to solve any kind of conflict.  Here at NJ Divorce Mediation and Financial Solutions we understand the emotional and  economic impact of divorce on a family. Working with our mediators instead of going through the unpredicable and costly legal system, can save you money and save you time.


At NJDMFS, we consider each couple to be unique, with his and her concerns. In recognition of each individual's circumstance, we believe it is our job to listen to his and her needs, desires and concerns before beginning to construct a divorce agreement. Only after listening carefully can we begin customizing a sound strategy that provides opportunities for growth while maintaining the flexibility necessary to reflect the particular needs of each individual couple.  

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of mediation services we can provide.