Settle Divorce Outside of Court

No Hassle Divorce is exactly what it sounds like: Settling your divorce hassle free outside of the court system. Deciding to settle your divorce outside of the court system will save you time by not waiting on a judge to pick your court dates and the couple will save money by not having to pay court fees, subpoena fees, and added legal fees because your lawyer has to work with the court. Couples, who choose not to litigate, want to reach a mutual agreement and don't want to argue over who is entitled and who is at fault. The most effective way to successfully complete a No Hassle Divorce is through a Collaborative Divorce or through mediation. Both methods strive for peaceful solutions to the end of your marriage.

Collaborative Divorce – A process in which, a couple who is ending their marriage in a less stressful environment decides to hire professionals who are trained to help couples settle their difference outside the court system.

Benefits of a Collaborative No Hassle Divorce:

- Couples have control on when they want to schedule meetings and the pace of their divorce not the court.

- Keeping your divorce out of the courthouse keeps your personal and financial records out of the public record. Privacy!

- Collaborative Professionals work together to make sure couples are able to successfully maintain the ability to co-parent together. 


The Forward Thinking Divorce